Kern's Home and Garden
2438 Canton Road
Akron, OH 44312

Gardening FAQ's

Q: Do you carry Proven winners?
A: Yes. We stock a variety of sizes and have one of the largest selections of Proven Winners in the area. 
Q: How can I keep my garden and flower beds weed free?
A: Depending upon the application, Kern's carries a variety of preen for vegetable gardens and flower gardens as well as landscape fabric and anchoring pins to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds and plants. 
Q: Do you carry perennials?
A: Yes, Kern's grows in house a large variety of perennials. 
Q: Do you sell herbs?
A: Yes, Kern's stocks all varieties of herbs, including stevia, thai basil, lemon verbina and chocolate mint just to name a few. 
Q: How can I amend my garden soil?
A: Kern's has a large selection of soil amendments, including sweet peat, cow and chicken manure, top soil, Canadian peat and organic fertilizers.
Q: Does Kern's do any seminars?
A: Yes, pleas check our schedule of events located below.